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Another fun shopping place in Osaka. Each floor offers various distinctive merchandise, but my favorite is the gag goods store located next to the toy store. They have everything and anything for any age and gender. This is one of the many department store that offers sales tax refund over a


An alternative to the traditional department store, Loft is the choice of the young and the hip. While the clothing selection is minimal, just a few hats and other accessories, the choice of stationary, handbags and house wares is impressive. Loft is where you can find the perfect throw pillow for the couch, an interesting set of Tarot cards or a briefcase sure to be the envy of all in the

場所: 7 Chayamachi, Osaka, Japan, 530-0013

LOFT is a store where you can find a wide variety of miscellaneous goods such as stationery, interior goods, cookware, beauty products, and variety goods. It offers a wide selection of products that cannot be found elsewhere and that bring quality design into your life. Here are 5 products available at LOFT Umeda that are recommended as souvenirs.

Umeda Loft offers a wide variety of merchandise, from sundries and stationary to the latest and seasonal products. Find trendy items and seasonal events and exhibitions in Loft Market on the 1st floor, and Loft Forum on the 5th floor.

Sep 21, 2011 · Loft Osaka is located in the Umeda area, north-east of Hankyu Umeda station. If you go to Tokyu Hands first, take the subway from Shinsaibashi to Nakatsu subway stop.

Aug 31, 2016 · Loft Kyoto is a giant of Japanese retailing. Owned by the Seibu Group, Loft stores are aimed at young homeowners and avid hobbyists. Loft stores can be found throughout Japan in many large department stores and stock a wide variety of home and garden items including tableware, furnishings, draperies as well as office supplies, bridal goods


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In addition to efficiency, another thing Japanese stationery goods are famous for is being creative, colorful, and a little out there. Take these pen cases for example. With the pen case by DELDE on the left, the top section of the case can be pulled down over

生活雑貨、文具など、旬な商品を幅広く取り揃える生活雑貨専門店。 1階ロフトマーケット、5階ロフトフォーラムでは、トレンドや季節に合わせた特にオススメのイベントや展覧会などを開催している。

梅田loft, Osaka. 1 like. Just For Fun. 梅田ロフト前 無事終了! 近隣のイベントも、雨で大変そう